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A Maker's Story

Back in 2020 I found myself at home more often than not. I became desperate for something to occupy my time and brain with other than Tiktok songs/dances and the daily happenings of the world, so I turned to the science of candle making. After a few months of research, I decided to take the plunge start a candle business in a one bedroom apartment I shared with my now husband (Dylan) and our shepherd/lab pup (Wilma).

Thus, Loon Lake Candles was born!

In the beginning stages, I worked a 9-5 gig with Loon Lake being my 5-9. It became taxing on my mental health quite quickly and I needed to decide if I wanted to solely work for someone else or take on my dreams full-time. Being is though you're reading this, you know what option I went with :)

I currently handcraft all Loon Lake products in a small cozy cabin we coined the Candle Cabin in Glenwood, MN. My husband and I are in the process of building our first home which will include a brand new candle studio coming fall of 2024.

If you are into being your Loony yourself and having fun I highly recommend hanging out with me and all my amazing Loonies on my Instagram page (@loonlakecandles)

Thanks for hanging out and Stay Loony, my friend!

xo, Dre


  • The Edge Co - Alexandria, MN
  • Northern Print Co. - Glenwood, MN
  • Country Blossom Farm - Alexandria, MN
  • Cragun's Resort - Brainerd, MN
  • Xtreme Designs - Devils Lake, ND
  • upon first light, allow your candle to burn for 3-4 hours to prevent tunneling
  • before relighting, trim wick to 1/4" this will prevent excess smoke build up and your candle will last a heck of a lot longer
  • keep away from drafts, pets, children, and pyromaniacs
  • always light within sight
  • burn on an even flame resistant surface
  • do not burn longer than 4 hours at one time
  • A cozy experience perfect of anyone ages 8 & up
  • Serving the Glenwood/Alexandria area only at this time
  • Great for bachelorette parties, corporate events, family get togethers, and any day that ends in Y
  • Min amount to book: 20 people or candles per class
  • Please reach out to to book a class

If you're not already, I highly HIGHLY recommend becoming a member of my loony community on Instagram (@loonlakecandles).

My page is a very cozy, extremely safe, wildly loony, little place on the internet where we deep belly laugh, hang out, and talk about the things that make life worth living.

Hope to see ya there, bestie :)